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View Diary: Sheldon Adelson ring-kissing weekend confirms GOP 2016 field will be awesome (176 comments)

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  •  Hey Jed, Great Post. This was up on the Rec board (3+ / 0-)
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    most of yesterday afternoon in case you missed it. We had a rare if not unprecedented,  crossover gathering of the "Christiegate - I/P" Communities" where we all got to gather enjoying a laugh at Christie's bumbling around and ass kissing apology to Sheldon Adelson for calling the West Bank the "Occupied Territories," instead of Adelson preferred "Disputed Territories" And, it is the first known instance to my knowledge of Meteor Blades recommending a Christiegate Post. He also has a passionate substantive comment about OT - DT issues stimulating much discussion. A real community building and breakthrough moment I recommend you don't miss.

    Here's the front half of it. Please go to the link and take the poll for the more humorous second half.

    Christie apologizes for calling the West Bank "Occupied Territories," tells Adelson he misspoke  

     photo sheldon-adelson_zps952a382c.jpg

    Kenneth P. Vogel reports this sad unpresidential spectacle. Chris Christie apologizes for the ‘occupied territories’ remark, demonstrating his qualifications to be the GOP nominee to be President of the United States of America by kissing Sheldon Adelsons ass before the entire world.  

    Sheldon Adelson, and the Greater Israel Zionists prefer to call the occupied territories the"disputed territories." After being informed of this Governor Christie apologized to Sheldon Adelson saying he misspoke and Adelson "accepted his explanation." This article did not report if Christie had to get down on one knee and kiss Sheldon's .... ring, or only his ass. Whichever it was, both American Republicans and Israeli's will be pleased to see Chris Christie knows what they think is the proper posture for a President of the United States of America right from the start.

    LAS VEGAS – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie apologized to Sheldon Adelson in a meeting Saturday for stepping on a fault line in Middle East politics during a speech he gave earlier in the day, according to a source familiar with the conversation.

    Invoking a 2012 trip he and his family took to Israel, Christie recalled in the speech: “I took a helicopter ride from the occupied territories across and just felt personally how extraordinary that was to understand, the military risk that Israel faces every day.”

    While the story was intended to forge common cause with Adelson and the several hundred donors to the Republican Jewish Coalition to which Christie was speaking, his use of the term “occupied territories” set off murmurs in the crowd. The term refers to lands in which Palestinians live where Israel maintains a military presence, including the West Bank.

    In Israel, some conservative Zionists and groups believe the Bible gives Israel the right to own all the land from the Mediterranean to Jordan and from the Sinai to Lebanon. So, in this view, to say the"occupied territories" falsely implies there is some possibility that Israel may ever give up this land. And, these same people also bristle just as much at any idea that a President of the United States should dare to imagine that he could have independent foreign policy thoughts about their land that God gave them, or any other Middle Eastern foreign policy matters that may represent "existential threats to Israel's existence." So this ritual of kissing of the... ring is symbolically far more important than many realize.    

    Sheldon Adelson, and many in this crowd, seem to believe Jordan is already the Palestine of the two-state solution, and the West Bank and East Jerusalem will be annexed with the ongoing settlements, (aka "facts on the ground), while PM Netanyahu infinitely stalls negotiations, while pretending with the Americans, we are trying to broker peace. The Greater Israel Zionists, like Adelson, appear to assume this is what the Republicans want too, and also assume that we Democrats are too worried about losing Jewish support in elections in elections to do anything about it.  

    Prior to Governor Christie - Sheldon Adelson meeting, the president of the Zionist Organization of America, Morton Klein tried to warn Christie to call the West Bank "disputed territories."

    A different article reports Morton Klein was angry because Christie brushed him off and even "scowled" at him, and I laughed imaging how well Christie's style is going to go over in Israel. Klein said afterwards "“either doesn’t understand the issue at all, or he’s hostile to Israel.” Notice Klein doesn't actual come out and call Christie an antisemite, but this sounds like it could be a warmup warning. And, based on the alarmed reaction,  Christie's staff must have recognized this  and pulled the alarm because, Christie's gruff brush off suddenly reverses and he is like a puppy dog with his tail between his legs. (I hate that expression, it is "hostile to dogs, anti-dog, if not outright, doggist, don't you think?")

    Here's where the funny parts start.

    Christie apologizes for calling the West Bank "Occupied Territories," tells Adelson he misspoke

    "Seriously, Folks, WTH?" - ("What the Heck? "h/t Joan McCarter, Seriously, Florida. WTF?)

    by HoundDog on Mon Mar 31, 2014 at 11:23:26 AM PDT

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