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View Diary: UPDATE: ACA Signups: I just got to turn down FOX News (178 comments)

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    I wouldn't begin to second guess brainwrap's decision.   I'm not in those shoes.  But I want to point out in general that there are times when Fox's attempt to discredit totally backfires on Fox itself.

    Best example: Religious Scholar’s Book About the Historical Jesus Exposes Fox News’ Biases  This event received huge attention.  Though Reza Aslan is an outstanding impromptu speaker, it does show how a guest can productively handle a hostile interview.

    Did it really make a difference in the end?  Probably not...when it comes to truth and facts, Fox hasn't changed.   But we can hope that these types of events chip away at the margin of Fox viewers...those with some sense.  e.g., I remember when O'Reilly would bash dkos and there would be a splurge of new non-troll visitors who came here to find out what all the fuss was about...and stayed because they liked the water.

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