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View Diary: The Worm Has Started to Turn: Republican Pundit Signals Ready to Detach ACA from Obama (118 comments)

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  •  After all it was their (Reps) freaking plan! (0+ / 0-)

    Get over it, guys. I predict they will start talking about how this is a Republican plan. Lol.  Usually the public (?lately) has such a short memory they get away with reframing things, sometimes as the exact opposite of the truth.This time, people will remember exactly where they stood with their hilariously numerous votes to defund the ACA. People hold tight to their healthcare, and they are going to be/most likely are paying attention to the people who've basically been threatening to take it away.

    IIRC 20-40 thousand Americans DIE(D) because they lacked health insurance  (tooooo bad the Dems didn't pound that on in). To be inflammatory, maybe now they'll stop murdering people.

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