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View Diary: Take heart Republicans. You've kept millions of kids from getting health coverage (34 comments)

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    Uninsured Adults and Children Eligible for Medicaid/CHIP

    The expansion states and the non-expansion states have the about the same number of eligible kids, but the expansion states have a lot more eligible adults. That's because CHIP is available in all fifty states, including non-expansion states. Those 2.7 million kids are eligible for health coverage right now. The GOP is not preventing them from eligibility. They are eligible.

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      The chart is prefaced by this:
      "While all states have already significantly expanded coverage to children through Medicaid and CHIP, not all eligible children are enrolled in the program due to lack of parent knowledge about their eligibility and historic enrollment barriers. Over 5.2 million of the 14 million (37%) currently uninsured individuals who are estimated to be eligible for Medicaid in 2014 are children.16  In states not implementing the Medicaid expansion, children account for 75% of the uninsured eligible for Medicaid or CHIP (Figure 6)."
      The proportion of children is high because far fewer adults are eligible. And that's because the states they live in blocked the Medicaid expansion.
      There are many fruitful avenues to push back against Republicans who oppose Medicaid expansion, but let's make sure they're factual. The last thing I want is my lefty friends forwarding misinterpretations about Obamacare. Let's leave that to the right wing!

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        Republicans have done, and continue to do, so many awful things. We should attack them for their actual faults and misdeeds.

        And let's also remember that those 2.7 million kids in non-expansion states are eligible for CHIP because it was passed by Nancy Pelosi and signed into law by Obama. No thanks to Republicans. Let's celebrate our achievements in getting kids eligible for coverage, even while adults in non-expansion states remain ineligible because of Republican intransigence.

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