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View Diary: Andrew Cuomo is just trolling now (190 comments)

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  •  No amount of Koch Brothers cash (11+ / 0-)

    or Citizen's United ads can buy the sort of nation-wide brand damaging cynicism and demoralization that an Andrew Cuomo can gift Movement Conservatism with just by being himself and rising up to beltway rockstar status in the party. Looking at that appearance he made with the Charter School Baroness, I could see him calling a press conference to bash Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders dreaming of a very super Super Tuesday. There is nothing he offers corporate America or the 1% where his deal is so good that they can't get a much better deal from the Republican Party.

    When I encounter a Cuomo fan I'm always struck by how incredulous they are that everybody isn't fainting over him like he's the fifth Beatle. How can you not be impressed? He's like Tom Friedman's gift to America. He will neutralize the GOP on taxes because he's cut them. He will undermine the negative ads because he will always punch the nearest hippy or stand with the smarmiest bags of human money in a suit.

    And if Tom Friedman's vote was worth 100 million regular Americans vote, that might mean something.

    I feel bad for working poor New Yorkers.

    Please, let him stay out of national politics.

    I imagine that if Hilary Clinton declares that she is out, Andrew will shove people out of the way, and knock over Joe Biden like he was somebody between my Uncle Mike and a beer, to get to the podium to say he's in.

    He's an ass-kicking waiting to happen if he is ever a national candidate for our party. The kind of guy who would think that declaring that he would put Harold Ford in as Secretary of Labor and Joe Lieberman in as Secretary of Defense would be a killer move. Michelle Rhee in charge of Education policy! Boom! A score that would drive legions of people living paycheck-to-paycheck and drowning in Movement Conservative policy plagued America to the polls. What's more likely? A Scott Walker winning Nevada and Colorado vs Cuomo, or an Andrew Cuomo winning Ohio and Florida over a Walker? I don't want to find out.

    Just close your eyes and imagine Andrew Cuomo and Mark Warner vs. Scott Walker and Brian Sandoval as a Presidential match-up. That is how we end up with a Republican President in an age where so many in DC are sure that the Republicans have no shot at the White House due to demographics and the GOP being unpopular.

    He's the GOP's dream Democrat come true.

    If he loses, they get a freak in the door, if he wins, they get Andrew Cuomo to put a bunch of guys from Third Way and the American Enterprise Institute on the White House tax reform commission. Another round of Simpson and Bowles to recommend Social Security reform policy.  

    Sheldon Adelson shouldn't waste his money on GOP Presidential ring-kissing ceremonies. He should be hoping and praying that Hilary Clinton takes a pass, and then be feverishly setting up a SuperPac to support Andrew Cuomo as a pro-business bipartisanship and compromise Bloomberg for a Scott Walker or Jeb Bush to beat the shit out of in a Presidential race. The Koch Brothers will be there to help cull the freaks from the GOP primary shit-show. A wingnut billionaire, like Steve Wynn or Shelly, could take the other side of the street for Cuomo.  

    Our own little Mitt Romney, so smug and sure he is going to win the White House, right up until the moment he loses and a new darker age begins in America.

    “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.” — Auric Goldfinger

    by LeftHandedMan on Mon Mar 31, 2014 at 02:44:26 PM PDT

    •  and this is why I hope he runs (5+ / 0-)

      because his popularity will nosedive when he gets into the primaries and has to defend his pro-oligarchy stances. He'll no longer be the candidate who put together a left-right coalition. Instead, he'll be the the furthest right candidate. That's a recipe for failure in a Dem primary.

      It's what NY/NJ politicians never figure out: You can't buy off a whole country the way you can buy off a state.

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