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View Diary: GOP always feared Obamacare's success, not its failure (60 comments)

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  •  I find it interesting (2+ / 0-)
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    Pluto, La Gitane

    that many Americans feel so completely detached from their government that "dependance on government" is a real political "thing".

    A philosophy, if you like, to be fought and countered at every turn.

    It might surprise some to realize that not every population feels this way. Most European governments, to one degree or another, are seen as responsive to the needs and demands of the people to a much greater degree than they are here, and people can and do rely on all sorts of programs where some central direction, and the economies of scale make it sensible to do so.

    America is different, and the result of that difference is that ordinary people suffer in a completely needless manner.

    The Federal government is supposed to be "government of the people, for the people, by the people", yet every time it tries to be that, albeit in a tentative manner, it is howled down and beaten back.

    What they are saying when they reject government is simply that they do not want the people doing the work of the people!

    Mostly, I guess, that is because a few wealthy people do not want this to happen, because with it would disappear their power base.

    The answer is a simple, if not easy, one. When you manage, finally, to pass a system that really does help ordinary people, then you celebrate it. You shout it from the rooftops and you go to the polls with that program front, center and unafraid.

    This is not "making the people dependent on government" ... Rather, it is "government conducting the business of the people"

    And that, my friend, is why we elected them!

    I hope that the quality of debate will improve,
    but I fear we will remain Democrats.

    Who is twigg?

    by twigg on Tue Apr 01, 2014 at 05:07:23 PM PDT

    •  People cannot remember: (2+ / 0-)
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      twigg, NinetyWt

      Governments are created in order to directly benefit the people.

      They have NO other purpose.

      One of my hobbies is reading constitutions. Almost all nations in the world today have modern constitutions that address 21st century issues.

      I also like to read about the process of writing new constitutions -- which should be done every 20 years or so. It is a very public affair.

      It is at those times when the people remember that the purpose of the constitution is to benefit them.

      In these newer constitutions, very generous human and civil rights and protections are spelled out in no uncertain terms -- right up front. It always makes me smile.

      •  Oddly enough (1+ / 0-)
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        the UK doesn't actually have a written "Constitution", or anything resembling the Bill of Rights.

        What it does have is one thousand years of legal precedent, but retains the ability to be flexible. For example, it was open to the UK to sign up to the European laws on Human Rights, however much UKIP and the Conservatives might bitch and moan.

        So a variety of systems can work, as indeed can the US system. It faces major challenges of a conservative supreme court, and the terrible effect money in politics is bringing ... but despite that the US has a modern constitution. The original words may be old, but SCOTUS decisions amend them every month, and it could be for the better.

        I hope that the quality of debate will improve,
        but I fear we will remain Democrats.

        Who is twigg?

        by twigg on Tue Apr 01, 2014 at 05:27:03 PM PDT

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    •  well, after WW2 people in Europe were disgusted (1+ / 0-)
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      with the aristocracy, especially in Italy, where a lot of the rich supported Mussolini ( not all of them did however ) and so the people asked the landed aristocrats to share some of their land so the people could cultivate it, and the rich said go fuck yourselves. So the people in some cases took them out and shot them, then did real wealth redistribution, passing their stuff out to the locals. In France, Italy, and Greece the communists were within reach of taking over or making serious inroads, but too many of them looked to Stalin as their leader, and ya know, Uncle Joe was more than a little popular at the time,as it was recognized that it was mostly the Soviets that had kicked Hitler's ass. So the Allies ( the Brits and Americans that is ) and local authorities said well oh shit, we better give these folks some reason NOT to support the commies, we better come up with healthcare, education, and a social safety net. Over here, we got the fear of commies but never got the other stuff ( though the fear of the commies probably played a role in tolerating unions, strikes, and the existence of a middle class ). Once the commies were gone in 1989, there was no competing ideology and the Right could claim all leftism was a failure, and began to dismantle our fragile social safety net. The authors of 1992's What Went Wrong recently said they were stunned at how quickly the middle class and its institutions began to fall apart, pointing out that even Sears and JC Penny offered pensions once, and now we have gotten to the point where the only folks who still have pensions are government workers, who are under attack. Chris Christie was quoted today saying he wants to fuck the pensions over even more.

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