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View Diary: GOP always feared Obamacare's success, not its failure (60 comments)

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  •  Besides just power politics (0+ / 0-)

    Which as this diary points out, there is also just blatant bigotry at work here.  Republicans know that a large part of their base hates Obama because he is biracial.  How else can you explain the Republican hysteria over a conservative proposal for health insurance reform? Besides the individual mandate, there are many other conservative policy prescriptions in the ACA.  However, Republicans tell every lie under the Sun to say that the ACA will kill or impoverish people.

    Yes, power politics is one of the major motivators for Republican sabotage of the ACA.  I'm watching Mitch McConnell having a major meltdown in KY, and one of the reasons is that uninsured Kentuckians are now starting to get health care.  Will all those people receiving health care in KY vote Democratic come this Fall?  I don't know.

    But McConnell's past election margins for victory are below the number of people who have signed up for the ACA in KY.  And with the Medicaid expansion still continuing, I expect more fretting from McConnell.  IF Grimes and the Democrats remind the voters who REALLY wants to take away their health care, I expect that McConnell may fall victim to Bill Kristol's nightmare vision.

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