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View Diary: The CIA misled government and public about brutal interrogation program (58 comments)

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  •  It's like going around in circles, (5+ / 0-)

    never making any progress. Going backwards, even, to a certain extent.

    We, Americans, have forgotten more about our nation's torture techniques, than many other nations ever learn. At least at the level of official documentation about it, that we have been able to read.

    The report describes previously undisclosed cases of abuse, including the alleged repeated dunking of a terrorism suspect in tanks of ice water at a detention site in Afghanistan — a method that bore similarities to waterboarding but never appeared on any Justice Department-approved list of techniques.
    Ice-water dunkings in various forms have been just a really standard American torture technique. It's pretty much one of our signatures.

    It comes, I think, from the American stress that torture should be creative in combing aspects on the approved technique list.

    1. Use of cold.
    2. Use of water.

    You get interrogators coming up with ice water dunkings pretty much immediately from that.

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