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View Diary: President Obama statement on Affordable Care Act milestone (272 comments)

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    Okay guys.  I'm really sorry for offending.  Its unbelievable to me that I couldn't come in here and just express a small concern.  If you read my op, i was not saying anything was detrimental, or that i thought the ACA was a flop, or any such thing.  i was just (and am just) expressing some concern over some trending reports from people that i honestly know who are going through some serious rate hikes in their premiums.

    You guys throwing me out with the bathwater is not fair.  This is not a try to "divide and conquer".  Its a try to have a conversation.  do you honestly see unity in the party right now?  there's no other dems expressing concerns over these things?  

    And why is it suspect that my first posts would be questioning ones?  if all i wanted to do was agree with everyone, well, you guys do that plenty - do really need another 'yes man'.

    I love the Kos and read it daily (no joke intended), and get a lot of information from here that I use to sharpen my wits and go to battle against the republicans that i deal with on a daily basis.  but it makes me legitimately sad that i can't come here and express one minor little issue without getting my head chewed off from a bunch of paranoid commenters.  

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