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  •  Boycott Biofuels Too As Long as You're At It (3+ / 0-)
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    Biofuels according to two Ivy League life-cycle studies require 0.9:1.0 to 1.1:1.0 ratio of fossil fuels to produce, transport and refine, depending on the study. Combined with the factoid conveniently overlooked that E85 biofuel provides only 85% of the gas mileage of straight fossil fuels, (and destroys your engine's fuel system in the process) even a 3rd grader could calculate that, ahem, biofuels increase global fossil fuel usage!

    The another Inconvenient Truth is the US Biofuels Initiative MANDATE, which every America is chained to, has slash-and-burned 880,000 square miles of pristine tropical rain forest last year alone, from Sumatra to the Amazon to the Congo, they're clearcutting the forest for Corporate GMO biofuels plantations, wiping out all the wildlife, and pushing millions of campesanos and artisanals and aboriginals into jobless urban ghettos.

    According to World Bank, 10,000,000 3W children are now at risk of Famine because of the US Biofuels Initiative Mandate's perverse Human Food for Cash system, we are burning nearly 50% of US agriculture human food grains at the Altar of Biofuels Billionaires.

    Wait, it gets better, something even the Koch's couldn't have thought of. The BIM is scheduled to double by 2018! And it has no Sunset Clause! It can't be stopped! A giant, perverse, black-hole, human holocaust, and all paid for by Y.O.U.

    Say goodnight, Dick.

    Goodnight, Dick.

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