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    I would never call you foolish for being concerned about climate change. And I would hope I'd never belittle you, although you might be asking for trouble calling yourself "The grouch."

    And I understand what you're saying, but I don't think a healthy sense of being a citizen of the world contradicts the idea of loving your country.

    One can care about humanity as a whole and still care about his country as a subset of that whole, just as you can care about your state or the town you live in. Just as you can care about your neighborhood or your home. These are concentric circles with ourselves at the center, but that doesn't imply that the smaller circles are more important than the larger circles. Unless you're an egotist, the opposite would probably be implied. Still, my role in making my neighborhood better is a different role with sometimes different challenges than my role as a citizen of the State of California.

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