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  •  Fox News Appalled By Spring Break Partying (11+ / 0-)

    I was waiting with bated breath for Sean Hannity to somehow blame President Obama for Spring Break while watching this:

    From BroBible: Fox News Sends a Reporter to Spring Break at Panama City Beach, She Comes Back Absolutely Appalled

    This might be the most “sorry for partying” news segment in broadcast news history. Sean Hannity sent Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt to Panama City Beach, Florida to report on the shameless drunken college debauchery that goes down during spring break. She asks a bunch of kids — all with deep, notable Southern draws — about the wildest things they’ve seen at PCB. The answers are what you’d expect: “chicks twerking,” “two girls on five guys,”"a girl snort cocaine off another girl’s butthole… in public.” The footage peaks when Earhardt talks to some good ole’ boy with a Dixie draw who says he just smoked up before running over to the camera.

    Shameless. So shameless, you’ll laugh at how it’s almost a caricature of spring break. Hannity’s moral outrage during the discussion at the end is typical Fox News. He’s just trying to lay it out to your grandparents how much of a degenerate your spring break actually was. See, they need it told from an old fuddyduddy like him to completely absorb just how much of a Jekyll and Hyde you college kids are these days.

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