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View Diary: Did Chuck Todd just admit that the media works for the GOP? (221 comments)

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    I agree - all media (esp. Faux News) somehow protects these goonie RWNJ's and Teabigots. I thought so during the last election - couldn't prop up Mitler and Lyin Ryan enough albeit it didn't pan out for them the way they were paid off to do.  I wonder how one in their right mind would agree with any GOP tactics; especially they're continued games to still attempt to bring the President down.  Sorry Charlie - won't work - didn't in the last two landslide loss elections, and won't in the third landslide loss in 2016!!  

    Koch Bros are running their billion $ PAC lies and fear mongering ads all over the place already - hoping we're still the idiot, gullible American fools we used to be.  No more ...

    Simply said - GOP ought to bring the country back and work WITH the President and stop treading on a very thin line of the obvious demise of the Party of No.  

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