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  •  Joint Fundraising Committees (4+ / 0-)

    You should be hearing those words a LOT this election cycle because the JFCs will be the SuperPACs of 2014.

    No more issue ad BS roundabouts from the SuperPACS via Citizens United.

    The amount you donated to a Joint Fundraising Committee was a part of that aggregated cap that no longer exists.

    The JFCs are about to become the biggest shell game for money in the history of politics and is rife for more corruption than the SuperPACs ever were, and all of it 100% legal. Yes, a joint fundraising committee is free to work with others to decide where to move the money to. Move it to a PAC, move it directly to a candidate, move it to other JFCs.

    What this does is take away even the small amount of transparency we have today.

    Libertarianism is just Fascism with a facelift. Scratch the surface of Libertarianism and you will find the notion that corporations should rule supreme, just as it was with Fascism..

    by Walt starr on Wed Apr 02, 2014 at 09:00:06 AM PDT

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