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    this yrs should be easiest ever for dems. Repubs give us so much ammunition against them. but voters don't LISTEN to political ads. GRAPHS, CHARTS and CLIPS of repubs running their mouths lying is effective. Those r things voters REMEMBER; they r EYE-OPENERS. Repubs are destroying our country. every darn gov  agency is cut, cut cut w/excuse of deficit. A lot of us can't worry about 10-20 yrs down the road. we have bills TODAY. Repubs have dismantled unions, allowed great jobs to leave u.s., now moms all at work. that's real family values, thanks Reagan who started the rich's climb to unimaginable weath. He got gov. off "your back"; (CORPORATE backs is what they've really done), right to work (for less), outsourced jobs, brought in 15 mil. illegals to keep wages down. and blamed it on us lazy citizens, stating illegals only take jobs citizens won't do. who do u think did those jobs before?? but they didn't want us bec. we dared to ask for a living wage. They want like an oligarchy; we will b the peons. many of us r now. every single thing has skyrocketed, but wages r insane. a few yrs ago, $8/hr. bought more;not now. Congress folks don't pay own bills, shop; they have no idea what we r going thur just to survive. REPEAT GRAPHS, CHARTS; voters will remember and it can't get much cheaper. I pray dems use their limited funds carefully. Repubs r dangerous to most of us.

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