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View Diary: Democrats must run against Obamacare repeal. Not just for Obamacare. Against repeal. (184 comments)

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  •  People are complex, (6+ / 0-)

    but voting is simple.  Complex arguments do not stand up well among "average voters", who are uninformed as to the facts, the issues, etc. Republican ascendency in this nation over the last 45 years, from Nixon to Reagan to Bush I and Shrub, was based on a very SIMPLE message to the people: liberalism is your enemy.  It worked because it was a message equally understood - for different and 'complex' reasons - by white southern racists and northern "ethnic" (Irish, Italian, etc) blue-collar workers and white suburbanites across the country.

    What Ian suggests here, is the basis for a grand strategy that can go far beyond the matter of health care alone, and which can appeal to many voters across the country on many issues, from economic to health care to immigration to schooling to race etc: Republicans are your enemy. In every one of these issues and more, the Republicans have overreached and provided plenty of compelling and very public evidence to support that contention: Republicans are the party of the 1% - they don't care about YOU, the average American voter, they have been trying hard to screw YOU out of your wages, your health care, your rights, and even your political system itself.

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