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View Diary: What's that pretty orange icon with your editorial, Charles Koch? (268 comments)

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  •  What makes my blood boil most... (0+ / 0-) his (admittedly completely unsurprising) pushing of the completely fallacious dichotomy of the Cold War: "capitalism/individualism/freedom" VS "collectivism."

    Look around you. Look at history. Think of experiences I'm sure many of you have had in your work lives: Capitalism is, and always has been, collectivism - and not even "except for those at the top," they're just as shackled as everyone else (people like the Kochs, who believe otherwise and don't notice the Sword of Damocles overhead simply never knew what "freedom" was in the first place).

    Still, who's worse: People like the Kochs whose minds were too stunted to begin with to understand it's a fallacy, or people who should know better and enable the fallacy for some reason - as I've had the misfortune to see too many Democrats and even "liberals" do?

    I keep being reminded of "The Last Battle," the final book of the Chronicles of Narnia, and more specifically, of Shift the Ape: An arrogant mediocrity whose only talent was identity theft. In the space of a temporary but all-too-long absence of true greatness, he (with the help of well-meaning but simple-minded Puzzle the Donkey) usurps the mantle of something beyond his comprehension, and proceeds to thoroughly defile its reputation.

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