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  •  Koch's didn't work for their wealth,they add to it (0+ / 0-)

    The Koch Brothers didn't build their wealth but inherited much of it from Father Fred a financer of the John Birch Society.. but today bring in 115 Billion dollars of revenue annually. Each is worth 36 Billion dollars
    All of the industries they are involved in create pollution and they are no strangers to lawsuits .. in 2000  the Koch's faced a 97 count indictment for violations of the Federal Clean Air and hazardous waste laws, in Corpus Christi Texas due to the release of 91 metric tons of uncontrolled untreated Benzene - in 2001 they reached a 20 million dollar settlement for admitting to cover up environmental violations at its refineries...

    Now the Koch's and all their money are heavily involved in getting puppets into Congress, Senate, State and local politics to further their wealth and take the EPA down.
    reduce taxes for the wealthy, like them, and cut spending for social programs  (those social programs include Social Security - which is why you hear them grouped together with food stamps, and welfare.

    Charles Koch has called the recent push for the minimum wage increase an obstacle to prosperity... WHY maybe because the Koch's employee more than 100,000 employees

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