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View Diary: Sen. Moran performs ultimate in constituent services by reading Charles Koch's op-ed on Senate floor (191 comments)

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    She was rather popular in 2006, and skipped a good chance to replace Brownback as a Senator in 2010 by taking the HHS gig.

    She will have the strong Anti-Obama vibe on her after years in the Admin, and the Anti-ObamaCare vibe as well.  On the other hand:

    * Brownback isn't super popular at the moment
    * that might be biting some GOP statewide
    * 2016 isn't 2010 or 2012 or 2014
    * no Obama on the ticket
    * perhaps HRC at the top of the ticket
    * the corner on ObamaCare might be well turned come 2016

    It might be a spot for her. She's likely to fund raise better than any potential challenger to Moran, and she has clear ways to differ herself.

    Kansas is a shitty spot to run state wide in as a Dem. But she's won twice, and if the corner turned strongly on ObamaCare, she has an actually major success she can take credit for while Moran will have spent six years in Party of No and Batshit Crazy Teaparty Mode.  That Koch reading gives Kathy another major thing to point at.

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