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View Diary: Man arrested for brutal murder was excoriated by Rep Duckworth at Congressional hearing (52 comments)

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  •  When I reached out for help I took my kids (7+ / 0-)

    with me into a shelter and stayed a long time, much longer than I ever imagined I would.  In a nearby town during that same time period an abused mom filed for divorce and had the foresight to leave and go to a friend's knowing that divorce papers would arrive while she was gone.  She was afraid of the reaction.  Problem was she thought the abuser would never hurt his children so she didn't take them but created a story where she was going to be too busy caring for a sick friend to take them along.

    The abuser got the paperwork at home and took the two young children outside, called his wife on the phone, told her it was all her fault and then he made her listen as he shot them one at a time and then shot himself.

    P.S.  I went through legal and custody abuse for years simply because I took my children into a DV shelter.  Its a crazy world out there for those reaching out for help.

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