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View Diary: Obama Signs Law To Get Money Out Of Politics!!! (59 comments)

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  •  I believe they only nixed paying for conventions (0+ / 0-)

    The Feds have contributed to the cost of the two major parties' national conventions, and this act ends that practice.  Private donations to the national parties from the likes of AT&T and other corporate givers has long eclipsed the Federal subsidy of those quadrennial Party infommercials, and any "corrupting" influence such giving has had on the process of presidential politics has been baked into the cake for just as long as the subsidy has been paid.  By now, the Federal contribution to the two major parties' self-congratulatory, every-four-years' Festival of Yay Us! has become quite superfluous.

    The Guardian mixed the end of the governmental subsidy of national conventions with public financing of candidates' campaigns in their story, which confuses the issue rather than clarifies it.  The NPR story I heard on this was much more clear (and therefore, accurate), but I can't find a link to it just now.  I don't read in the above Guardian story any indication that public funding for actual campaigns is threatened by this act, nor do I expect the check-off box to disappear from my tax form as a result of this act.

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