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  •  I'm looking for advise on buying a guitar. (12+ / 0-)

    Years ago I had a cheap copy of a Gibson Hummingbird guitar. It was really hard to play, even after having the bridge lowered the strings were still to high above the frets.

    I checked out Guitar Center on line and they have a Fender acoustic  for $120 . Fender use to be a name that meant some thing, for reasons I can not recall, I read something and said to myself, self never buy a Fender. Any thoughts would be welcomed.

    I have long ago given up on being a good guitar player, my goal is to be an ok player. A music store opened close by and they have lessons which I think i will sign up for. The store sells a acoustic brand called Johnston for $229, which is in my price range of under $300, but I have no idea if Johnston is a quality guitar. Martin, Gibson, old Fenders and that glass body acoustic that Glen Campbell played and I forget the name of , I know about.

    Advice is welcome.  

    •  Go to the music store (9+ / 0-)

      and try them - they should welcome that and play a few chords, bar chords, pick, strum, do your thing and find one that's comfortable for your fingers.
      That's the only advice I have - I have a Cortez acoustic that I bought way back in the early '80s used for 200 dollars and I like it just fine.
      The neck is thin and the strings close to the frets.
      I did have to have the neck nut replaced but that was years later and due to extreme weather - going from freezing Michigan to hot and dry Arizona and it took its toll.

      Mr.AzB has a Samick, all black with a piano finish and he got that for under 300 years ago. He played it at a music store, along with several others.

      He also has an electric Fender Stratocaster - beautiful guitar.

      And then, I have a silver, steel string Hawaiian Rickenbacker from the late '30s early 40s that my father bought used when he was shipped to Hawaii for WWII.
      That is a gorgeous guitar and we have the original case lined in dark blue velvet.
      We treasure it, even though we cannot play it!
      Plus, have two huge boxes filled with my father's Hawaiian sheet music and his certificate of graduation from the Hawaiian Conservatory of Music!

    •  Look in the guitar store's used department. (8+ / 0-)

      A good used Yamaha or Guild can be really inexpensive and still be a very good guitar. I don't understand how Fender can make a guitar that can sell for $120 unless they are stealing the wood and have slaves building the guitars.
      I have had great luck with tag sales and pawn shops, just have to look very carefully at the guitar.
      I think that plastic guitar was an Ovation, they're very durable, a great beach guitar. Martins and Gibsons can get mighty spendy but they are a joy to play and sound sweet.
      Whether you look at used or new guitars, play them, listen to them. The sound and the feel of playing it is unique to each guitar and more important than the brand name.

      If I ran this circus, things would be DIFFERENT!

      by CwV on Sat Apr 05, 2014 at 07:00:49 PM PDT

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