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View Diary: Is it okay to pay someone else to say something it wouldn't be okay to say yourself? (9 comments)

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  •  Since the Supreme Court (3+ / 0-)
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    has decided that money = speech, it no longer matters if Eich just donated money and never actually spoke a word.  The fact that he donated money to this cause - by the Supreme Courts decision - means that he used $1,000 worth of words to announce loud and clear what he stands for.

    In my opinion, it can't be both.  If speaking the words out loud is bad, and CEO's who do speak out loud suffer the consequences, then those who speak with their money instead of their outside voice should be held equally accountable.

    I think people are nervous about this because it is being equated with religious liberty.  This in my view is a crock.  There are plenty of people who claim they are standing up for their religion, or standing on their religious principle(s) when they do something that is now deemed as unacceptable (inter-racial marriage comes to mind) - and those people are not given a pass.

    I think it is that there are folks who claim religious liberty/freedom for things that are still being debated (birth control, abortion, LGBT rights, etc) where folks are uncomfortable (for now) identifying those claims as OK because society has not overwhelmingly tipped in favor of.

    Just think, if someone advanced the ideal that stoning men and women in the public square for having  had an affair is the way the situation should be handled.  And if you did not agree with them, then you are persecuting them for their religious beliefs.  Not many people would back them up, because not many people believe that stoning is an acceptable response to adultery.

    Being against marriage equality is not yet deemed as bigotry by the majority of the population.  Hence the mixed message on the response.  

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