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View Diary: Nothing To Do With Sunday Puzzle Warm-Up 2014-04-05 (50 comments)

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    When I saw the title the gremlins had put on tonight's diary ("Nothing To Do With Sunday Puzzle Warm-Up 2014-04-05") I eagerly sought them out. "Hey, if you really have nothing to do today, I'd be glad  to provide you some things you could do to help."

    A few minutes later they finally managed to stop laughing.

    The title to tonight's diary, the gremlins explained, is a portmanteau. To save space they merged some overlapping words; the full title reads:

    Nothing to do with Sunday Puzzle:
                       Sunday Puzzle Warm-Up 2014-04-05
    Well, that left me even more confused, and they had to explain a bit further:

    They'd noticed I sometimes use these Saturday night warm-up puzzles to provide a small hint to the puzzle in the regular Sunday night puzzles. And they wanted to make it clear that, even though they're providing both tonight's puzzle and tomorrow's special puzzle, the answer to tonight's puzzle has nothing to do with tomorrow's puzzle. They're completely unrelated.

    Hmmm. Wish I knew what they had planned for tomorrow. But they've assured me it's something special and something good.

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