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  •  Here's the thing about who has paid? (26+ / 0-)

    It's not like they collect your money when you sign up. When I got my Anthem Blue Cross plan through Covered Ca confirmed it was nearly two months until I was able to pay them. I even called them TWICE (which is not easy, given their phone tree) to make sure my new policy wouldn't be canceled for non-payment. I was reassured that yes, I had a policy and that the billing department hadn't caught up with all the new policies yet.

    They finally sent me a letter instructing me on how to pay through their website. I set up a payment to be deducted through my checking account and after WEEKS had gone by I finally sent them a check through the mail. The first online payment never was processed. I signed up in November and my first payment wasn't processed until February 20th. And that's with me actively asking them to please take my money, because I myself didn't count it as real until I paid them.

    So yeah, paying your first premium can take some time. Check back in two months to answee that question.

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    by smileycreek on Sat Apr 05, 2014 at 03:51:57 PM PDT

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