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  •  I had to have neck surgery (13+ / 0-)

    it was not a choice, it was an emergency, and it kept me out of a wheelchair as a quadriplegic.  There was a 4-year recovery period during which there was a wound infection and unbelievable pain.  The thing that saved me was acupuncture.  It has been 15 years, and acupuncture is still the only thing that really has a holistic effect.  Also, something called kinesiology tape, which is a miracle for nerve damage and resulting pain.  
    If you decide on surgery, the most important thing IMHO is the surgeon, and his specialty.  I found that orthopedists are thinking more about the hard tissue, and neurosurgeons more about soft tissue.  I had evals by both an orthopod and neurosurgeon, and the neurosurgeon by far was more concerned about mobility and normality after the surgery, so I went with him.  And I would much rather have a neurosurgeon dissecting on my spine than anyone else.  And my surgeon had done countless cervical laminectomies, that matters too.

    •  C-4 to C-7 ACDF here, (5+ / 0-)

      with hardware. The neuro-spine ortho kept me from being an eventual quad. All of my pain is gone, and I have a pretty good range of motion. I do worry about eventual degeneration above and below the fusion. I dodged another bullet, thanks to my surgeon. I have lived a rough life, but hope to get on the motorcycles soon. My Doc recommended stand-up paddleboarding as therapy for core strength...SSK

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      by Santa Susanna Kid on Sun Apr 06, 2014 at 03:06:57 AM PDT

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      •  ooh glad you are pain-free now (5+ / 0-)

        Mine is a genetic degenerative arthritic spine problem, and I am now on permanent disability.  I did not have any fusion or hardware by choice, and I have to be careful with diet and tinker like with an old Model T, but I do have good quality of life when I don't act like I am 17 again, lol.
        Careful with the motorcycles...

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