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  •  Very Well Done! (7+ / 0-)

    You inspired me to write to my brother, who sent me this last week. Here's what I wrote:

    yeah, we hates him, we do! I finally read his words, in perhaps a context you can understand (see link below). Actually, I got about half way through it. It's odious to me, I can only imagine how out of touch he is with a person such as myself. No, I cannot see me in him whatsoever, would not try to destroy Unions and eviscerate good laws protecting average people the way he does. I can't imagine being that twisted by profit by any means necessary, so I can't even read his words, it's like they're evil to me, you know?

    Anyway, this made it digestible brother!

    (this article)

    P.S. did you notice the logo?

    (Kos' article)



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