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    As any political campaign. It would take designing a game plan and building the infrastructure. Establish a think tank who's mission is to research and communicate why pharmaceutical advertising hurts consumers, lobby allied Progressive groups, elected officials and the media to communicate the message of why they need to end.

    Once a base of information has sunk into the general public begin lobbying state legislators to begin restricting pharmaceutical advertising. It's easier to lobby local officials than US Congress, although the restrictions won't be as good as getting Congress to outlaw prescription drug ads. My thought is it'll be a start; build momentum.

    Another method would be singling out a single broadcast station in a single media market and lobby them privately to stop big pharma ads, if they refuse use the Cesar Chavez method (although I'm sure he wasn't the first to do this) of building public press/ a boycott of the station. They key would be ensuring its done big enough to hurt their viewership, not just getting them publicity and potentially building the station's ratings.

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