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View Diary: I think we should all feel proud of the ACA. (33 comments)

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  •  i met my wife about 15 years ago (12+ / 0-)

    and there are moments that i am overcome by emotion thinking about how loved i have felt all of these years compared to all of the years of my life before

    when you have lived without something so important... you can't stop expressing how much you appreciate finally having it

    having lived through insurance refusing to pay for my wife's treatment for what looked like was possibly cancer years ago based on her having missed a period (and gone to the doctor about it to see if she was pregnant) and being so afraid that she could die because we simply couldn't pay for treatment... it will be a very long time before i am not expressing how i feel about the ACA preventing that kind of thing from ever happening again

    i don't give even the littlest fuck about winning something on daily kos

    this is the place where i can express how i feel to a lot of people who will get it

    that's why i wrote this

    •  I am very happy for you and your wife. (0+ / 0-)

      Truly. If this comment had been the diary - I would have rec'd it. My response was to the diary, which was not a personal story. It said, in the title and body, that I should feel something. Something I don't feel. I think Obamacare is an accomplishment, but in the big picture, a very diminished one.

      (Please know that my response is generated by the desire that you, your wife, and everyone else get access to good, affordable health care. There are still many millions of Americans without access to health care. If you lived where I live - your wife would have had free (taxpayer-paid, anyway) health care - probably since she was born. ((Not sure how old you all are.)) You, too.)

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