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View Diary: Amidst The Mozilla Controversy, Where's The Outrage Over World Vision? (19 comments)

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  •  Again -- two issues are being confused here. (7+ / 0-)



    Denial of civil and human rights.

    These are two very different things.

    You are comparing examples of both, and it doesn't work.

    1.  Let's say Eich gave $1000 to pursue legislation (which is gping on in seven Red states right now) that would allow businesses, such as restaurants, to deny service to gay persons (but which could include blacks and Jews).

    (That law passed in Arizona (although vetoed) but will be voted on next week in Nebraska.)

    That is an example of Discrimination.

    2.  Let's say Eich gave $1000 to pursue legislation that would deny interracial humans the civil rights that come with marriage (in particular blacks and whites).

    That is an example of Denial of human or civil rights.

    Which one is worse?

    They both cause deep psychological harm to humans and they both degrade society -- because they foster hate and rage among the people.

    I personally do not think Eich hates homosexuals. I think his mind has been damaged by his Mormon faith. Because of that, I cannot hate Eich. He is mentally compromised.

    I do believe, however, we should NOT allow mentally compromised people to matriculate into positions of power. It degrades civilization.

    That is what has ruined global respect of the US as a nation.

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