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View Diary: Snowden Wins Ridenhour Prize: Prominent American Award for Truth-Telling (35 comments)

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  •  don't think Chomsky ever on PBS evening news (21+ / 0-)

    but John McCain gets wall to wall media exposure

    are we a country that respects the truth???

    Noam Chomsky interviewed by Amy Goodman right after the 2012 presidential election. He had 2 comments.

    1. least bad candidate won

    2. it takes about 10 seconds to make the decision and the rest of the time needs to be spent doing something

    what a contrast with our media and most discussion about politics

    media able to talk endlessly about personalities and seldom about  governance or economics

    and academics seldom  give tools to attack systemic problems

    •  I am fully aware of it and being reminded (3+ / 0-)

      daily of it, is something I would love to not be.

    •  Chomsky is an anarchist, Don (0+ / 0-)

      Most anarchists view the electoral system of representative republics to be dominated by elites by the structure and design, and that even working class who are elected end up manipulated and coerced by the system once they are exposed to bourgeois atmosphere of the central government. A study of the methods of coercion bears this out. Chomsky still advocates voting (many anarchists tend not to, resorting instead to other forms of activism) but thinks it not worth much of one's time (in other words, you don't usually see Chomsky getting behind candidates, imploring people to send them money, donate labor, etc.).

      Anarchists advocate other ways to change the system.

      "The political arena leaves one no alternative, one must either be a dunce or a rogue." Emma Goldman, Anarchism and Other Essays

      by ZhenRen on Tue Apr 08, 2014 at 12:14:28 PM PDT

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