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View Diary: New Push By Russian Separatists In Ukraine (133 comments)

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  •  I don't think that Russia ever had (4+ / 0-)

    much goodwill from its former vassal states.

    •  they are NATO/EU vassal states now (6+ / 0-)

      they aren't exactly free to speak their minds.

      Czech President Milos Zeman might not be Czech President for long if he talks out of turn, or fails to read from the script provided him by the real leaders of the EU and of NATO.

      Most likely, he wouldn't be Czech President at all if he hadn't agreed beforehand to do all that was required of him.

      The heads of government of the former Eastern Bloc countries have less power than American governors do. Once in power they all sign on to IMF austerity and the NATO consensus. The EU's masters would rather suffer fascists like Golden Dawn to set up shop than yield one inch in their demands.

      It sounds much better for the trial balloons for NATO intervention to come from the ostensible head of a tiny defenseless but spunky former Warsaw Pact nation, than from Obama's mouth. That's all.

      "In America, the law is king." --Thomas Paine

      by limpidglass on Mon Apr 07, 2014 at 09:15:37 AM PDT

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      •  How you mean? (4+ / 0-)
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        weathertop, FG, wu ming, amyzex
        they aren't exactly free to speak their minds.
        They do that every minute of every day.

        The Czech know oppression, very well. Thats why they take this sharp turn against Russia (as they had not before; hitherto, it was mostly Poland and Lithuania supporting such hardliner stances. That debate appears now over in the East.)

        it seems I should advise you to travel more and get a better awareness about what people think in the countries you speak of.

      •  I'm not sure what the real public sentiment (0+ / 0-)

        about Russia is in those countries is. As you move to the west that is no significant remaining presence of ethnic Russians to complicate matters.  

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