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View Diary: Eugene Robinson responds to the Senate Intelligence Report (35 comments)

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  •  Unbeliable to Blame Holder & Obama Only! (0+ / 0-)

    I can't beleive that you didn't mention all the neoconservatives who signed the PNAC document and the ultimate man where the buck should have stopped - Dubya!   Cheney, Condi Rice (most failed national security advisor ever), Rumsfeld, the whole Bush cabinet on down to the special action program in the Pentagon that rerouted already CIA debunked info as reborn truth.

    Did you forget how even the Dixie Chicks were slammed?  How about Tom Daschle who declared Dubya a war criminal only to be taken out by republican money in the next election.  Or, Joe Wilson whose wife was outed as a CIA agent for retribution.   At least Obama and Holder said they were looking forward as their base position before they were ever elected.  

    I hate it too that Faux Fox News controls the agenda and that the other major networks are owned predominately by republicans and that they don't want to offend fox.  This is why Dems just don't carry through with the conviction of Republicans!  The money just isn't on the Dem's side either!

    If a president can ignore all the warnings of 9/11 (brief mentioned in 9/11 Preliminary report 2 months in advance and a brief one month in advance at the Texas white house - both ignored) to let almost 4000 americans die then conduct illegal war to let more fine americans die for nothing, then torture is irrelevant to him and his party.

       Haven't all the cabinet level convictions of Watergate, Iran Contra and Plamegate convinced you that there is just one party that is willing to do anything, however illegal, to get and retain power?  And the fifth Estate lets this party of bullies get away with it while Dems just try to survive!

    -A US Army Retiree who agrees that Bush and all his neocon supporters should be rotting in jail, guilty of war crimes!

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