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View Diary: Another Fox News pundit pines for fake TV version of America (250 comments)

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  •  OOPS I left something out (2+ / 0-)
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    One more BIG thing I left out...  These are TV - TEEVEE shows. They are fiction and these characters, situations, resolutions, etc. do not exist.  They are dealt with using a finite number of minutes and facts that do not comport with the complexities of life even at that time.  Life was only this black and white on TV.  Its kind of like saying - "If only we still had Superman to fix all of our wrongs."

    But that is the problem with neocons.  Whether it is letting Fox News construct their reality, the Andy Griffith Show, or a local pulpit - if one doesnt go out and look around FOR REAL - then the only references you can make are contrived and simplistic.  In General people do not and never have behaved like this.  Andy would not have been the character we saw in the show and the solutions he posed would have had more complex repercussions.  The same for all these others.  This is the danger of allowing kids to watch too much TV - they grow up thinking it is real and they dont learn how to cope with situations that have more than one possible outcome.

    IN other words - you can only achieve one point of view if your head is up your A$$.  Im thinking this describes most of the neocon movement.  SO I guess instead of their dads all taking them out and playing ball with them - they were actually pluncked in front of the tube?

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