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View Diary: "Pat Robertson Begs God To Take Out President Obama" (200 comments)

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    an odd belief that anything he thinks comes to him from god, directly.  Falwell also had that idea, it's sort of new age Christian, the idea that you have a personal relationship with god and you and he think the same, or when you think something, means he did first.  

    In this case it was misspeaking, he meant to say Obama Care, not Obama.  That is bad enough, of course, and speaks to his unconscious, anyway for those of us who think we are spoken.  

    Robertson is a well known flibberty jibbit, he makes people wince, but he's such a good natured fellow!!!  (The fact that he does real harm seems not to matter.)

    but like Palin, I just wish what he says doesn't make it to the papers.  It's perhaps amusing to hear all his awful stuff, but it gives that awful stuff publicity and even when he comes out with an explanation, which he likely will, the words were said, they were reported, whatever damage he caused is done.

    Obama has a lot of protection, but some of us live in fear that it won't be enough.  

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