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  •  You mean where countries (1+ / 0-)
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    had institutional racial discrimination, after those barriers started to come down, there was a rise in racial marraige discrimination.

    Gee, how can we explain that?

    Your construct is silly.

    •  in a nutshell (0+ / 0-)

      how beyond the pale a postion is can be judged in part by the company it keeps.

      A person who opposes inter-racial marriage has few fellow travellers. And he gets racist America and Nazis as major members of his coalition.

      A person who opposes same sex marriage also gets the Nazis and racist America, but he also gets the Catholic Church, Islam, Judaism, China, the Roman Empire...

      To say that his position is beyond the pale is to say that every nation in history, every religion and every important religious leader is also beyond that pale. That seems to me to be a tougher road to hoe.

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