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  •  I know we're supposed to reset passwords, (6+ / 0-)

    but from what I gather, it may be counterproductive to do so until the affected websites fix the bug AND re-do their certificates and keys (or whatever).

    So I'm not even going to my bank sites or using the apps for a few days, as you suggest, even though they checked out "clear" on that test website.

    Canada has halted E-filing of taxes (theirs aren't due 'til April 30), but the IRS is still "looking into" it.  I'm damn sure not filing until I'm satisfied that the company I planned to use is "good to go"...

    I started to call one bank, but stopped when it requested the telephone access code, etc., because who knows how THAT is handled/routed...

    Beyond that, who knows how many businesses are vulnerable due to Windows XP?  Some banks (British mainly, from the article I read) have apparently paid Microsoft for a year's extended XP service.  

    This is all a big damned mess...

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