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View Diary: New Gulf of Mexico oil leases will help BP heal profits, but eco-group says gulf is far from healed (14 comments)

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  •  A bit OT but from the business friendly... (5+ / 0-)

    ..Business Insider this morning | April 10, 2014:
    I'm Now Convinced That Global Solar Dominance Is In Sight

    Solar power will slowly squeeze the revenues of petro-rentier regimes in Russia, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. They will have to find a new business model, or fade into decline
    Michael Parker and Flora Chang, at Sanford Bernstein, say we entering a new order of "global energy deflation" that must ineluctably erode the viability of oil, gas and the fossil fuel nexus over time. In the 1980s solar development was stopped in its tracks by the slump in oil prices. By now it has surely crossed the threshold irreversibly.
     photo d8135f7c-d902-4a80-9b9f-4ba2eff25b6b_zps044dacbb.png

    It really is terrible what petrochemical corpos have done to our environment and that the Restore Act (from 2012) amounted to a slap on the wrist and that even today people continue to be misguided by the "Drill Baby Drill" campaign, the squeeze is on according to this mornings report, and I'm no expert but when a business web site is putting out word promoting solar it's encouraging.

    Maybe since BP and Exxon and these Petrochemical giants seem unwilling to change their ways and clean up their act, they will end up going extinct - or least suffer financial losses big enough that they no longer control energy and the legislatures/congress/lobbyist that protect their profits.

    Thx MB

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