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View Diary: Flirting With Anarchy: Why the conservative obsession with “small government” is dangerous (13 comments)

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  •  When "conservatives" say they "love America," (6+ / 0-)

    they're talking about an abstract fantasy, not the actual country that actually exists. Forget that the "Founders" lived in a nation of about 3 million people with, inter alia, no electricity, no indoor plumbing, no telecommunications, no motorized transportation and no major industry, and likely could not have "envisioned" what a nation of 300 million that has all those things would look like, let alone how it would or should be governed, regardless of whether they were "of one mind" or not.

    The reality is that "conservatives" love the "America" of their imaginations, and hate (maybe "resent" is a better word) the real America for not being that (or for not being that anymore, to the extent it ever was to begin with). They accuse "liberals," including but not limited to our current President, of "wanting to destroy" "America" -- I remember hearing some man-on-the-street wingnut tell a reported in March 2009 that Obama had, quote, "already destroyed most of the country -- but what they mean is that their idealized mythological fantasy "America" is being and has been replaced by the real one. And the real one is filled with Democrats, liberals, gays, atheists, Muslims, non-white immigrants, and whoever else conservatives feel don't belong here and don't consider "real Americans." Not to mention ethnic minorities, the poor, college professors, trial lawyers, labor unions, feminists, hipsters, Hollywood, environmentalists, &c. &c. There really isn't much about America that "conservatives" even like, let alone "love."

    •  I believe in the Federal Papers.... (1+ / 0-)
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      the Founding Fathers explained why the Constitution didn't enumerate all the powers the gov't could do - as one Constitution signer did want - because they recognized they couldn't envision what life would be like in the future.


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