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  •  very much liked how you & Xiu handled situation, (6+ / 0-)

    (no pun intended). i only have a few years martial arts experience, and about half that was tai chi, but it felt fine to me.  enjoyed the badge & uniform being nicely at the end there.

    tabbing over to your site for "didn't hear in sunday school", and checking wikipedia to reconfirm about the hebrew, what never seems mentioned regarding Lilith (perhaps because obvious to hebrew speakers/readers) is that the "ith" ending (e.g., judith) is the same as the "ess" ending as in Solicitress - it means female (judith basically means a female judean) and the first 3 letters of the name are the linguistic root for night, so scholars/interpreters for their own reasons (being men? or whatever) are confronted with a female form of the word "night" and assess it as something negative. (my tanach say's "night monster" too). Yet the actual action is quietly There shall the Lilith repose, and find for herself a place to rest and etc and so forth, all tainted by the simple historically repetitive phenomenon that a supernatural or even poetic metaphor of a culture being fought has to be categorized as evil.  demon, spirit, what have you. even if in the original culture the spirit is just an animistic or even benevolent element of nature or of the supernatural, it's evil because of where the idea comes from.  so everything that comes later comes with that curse.

    they over-thought it.  in isaiah it starts with a "the". eliminate all the xenophobia and all that's left is a poetic way of saying nightness settled there and stayed a while.  apparently in a quite well-behaved way.

    now i have 2 translation dictionaries, 1 tanach in hebrew & one in english to go bend over put back on their shelves.  oooff.  all your fault with your provocative ideas, you!  ;) 10-Q very much.

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