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    I had too much going on in my house last night to write. No quiet time.  Also, I couldn't get an idea from one of the plots, so I decided to use all of them in one story.

    The Apocalypse was coming. The biggest backyard bar-b-que in the history of planet earth was just around the corner and Archdemon Arugala was not quite ready. He opened his study door and yelled for his aide. “Chaney, get in here, now.”

    The officious little human bowed and scraped his way into the room. “Yes, my Lord, how may I serve you?”

    “Have you placed the key players into position?”

    “Yes, oh great Lord of Destruction. The hired killers are transforming centaurs as we speak and should be an invincible and mobile army soon. Every police department on earth will soon be filled with your telepathic spies. The journalists have all been captured trying to deposit their unemployment checks and sent back in time where they can’t do any stories.”

    “And what of Queen Venomia, did you locate her and re-animate her memories and powers?”

    “Chaney looked down at his notes, blinked once and looked back at the Archdemomon. “Venomia, Your Lordship?  I, I,  don’t have that name on my list. I have a Velonia of Sybil’s Cove in Maine.  We did activate her. Will that do?”

    Arugala opened his misshapen mouth and screamed. No that would not do. That would not do at all.

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