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View Diary: Sometimes You Have To Be Allowed To Criticize Faiths (196 comments)

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  •  That makes eradicating... (6+ / 0-)

    ... the 'office of faith-based initiatives' mandatory (besides which, it's unconstitutional and illegal).  It gives religions a toe in the door to mandating a government-sponsored religion, and gives them a direct connection to the Congress Critters and/or chief executive (since it's run through the office of the president) and influences laws - especially laws taking away women's reproductive choices.

    Well, I've advocated its abolishment for that for years....

    James Madison had it right, and what he's talking about was 'recent history' for the Founding Fathers.

    The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe with blood for centuries.
         — James Madison, 4th President of the US, and one of the principal architects of the US Constitution

    I'm sick of attempts to steer this nation from principles evolved in The Age of Reason to hallucinations derived from illiterate herdsmen. ~ Crashing Vor

    by NonnyO on Thu Apr 10, 2014 at 11:03:06 AM PDT

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