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View Diary: House Republicans pass Paul Ryan's Obamacare and Medicare-ending budget (68 comments)

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  •  Or possibly ones who know that they (2+ / 0-)
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    Piren, OregonWetDog

    could be defeated by voting against policies that their constituents depend on to survive (though they still may register and vote Republican).  Those Republican congress people can claim that, no they voted against all of those horrible things that the Republican-controlled House has tried to pass, over and over. I didn't vote to gut Medicaid and Social Security, to cut food stamps, I'm not one of them.
    These days it seems to me that for many people, being a Republican supporter is a direct, or indirect way of expressing their inner racism, homophobia, hatred of those people receiving any kind of government assistance, or just plain old deep-seated anger and hostility arising from the tenuousness of their life and the successfully redirection of that anger away from the actual sources of power that have trapped them in their unhappy lives.

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