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  •  I am just saying we are discussing a topic.. (0+ / 0-)

    of philosophy which has no right answer on the meta level it can only be true or not for an individual. As such all well reasoned consistent views are equally right, though each individual will have what is right for them.

    So I am not unsure of my view in that I am very comfortable with it, but I have no will to try and force it upon others. Its very easy for people to get stuck in a binary world view where they are right and someone else is wrong. In questions of philosophy there is no such truth so I prefer to tread very lightly with no expectations or judgement on how others view the same questions.

    I don't 'know' what you think but the purpose of discussion is to turn thoughts into words so they can be conveyed to others, if you feel that i'm not understanding you its possible its my comprehension, its also possible you are not making yourself clear enough.

    I must admit I don't understand what you think I am not addressing?

    When the Republicans are in power they get what they want and when the Democrats are in power they still get what they want. At what point do people finally see it is just theater? ~ Me

    by fToRrEeEsSt on Fri Apr 11, 2014 at 05:29:57 PM PDT

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