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View Diary: Scott Brown to make it official by bashing Obamacare (46 comments)

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  •  I guess there might be some who believe (2+ / 0-)
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    as you do; Obamacare is a "loss" of liberty, as unfathomable as it is.  

    Scott says, "Along with our money and our health plans, for a lot of us, it feels like we're losing our liberty, too. Obamacare forces us to make a choice, live free or log on—and here in New Hampshire, we choose freedom,"

    So, tell me, Scott, before Obamacare, when millions of Americans were absolutely shut out of the medical insurance market, that was a time when our "liberty," was at its finest?

    Before Obamacare, when the uninsured ER medical bills were paid for by those who had insurance (their insurance premiums reflected the rise in costs to your carrier, and/or your state's coffers, that was "liberty," at its finest?

    And, when millions were shut out (and many still are by GOP state legislators and governors) from Obamacare and the extension of Medicaid, that was "liberty," at its finest?

    You say, "Obamacare forces us to make a choice, live free or log on."  In a civilized society if we don't pull together we go down the drain.  A healthy populace, a well-educated populace brings prosperity, order, and a better society for all.  

    •  I heard Louie Gohmert expatiate on the House (0+ / 0-)

      Floor last summer that the ACA was just like NSA spying because everyone would have your health data and share it with everyone else.
      I suspect that's where  Brown got that idea.
      Came in loud and clear on the tin-foil hat reception.

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