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View Diary: 11 Democratic senators want a deadline on Keystone XL decision. And they want a yes, of course (112 comments)

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  •  Nevertheless, we have to halt the pipeline. (1+ / 0-)
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    We need to ensure that the carbon stays in the ground as much as possible. If forcing a reroute of the pipeline results in increased production costs, then that will be a small step in the right direction. It will shift the cost comparison slightly in the direction of non-carbon energy sources. (I'm not saying that it will be sufficient in itself.)

    Stopping carbon pollution is more important than any other issue on the table. No, strike that. It is more important than ALL of the other issues on the table.

    If you know of a better way to accomplish that, which does not involve focusing on KXL, then please point us to it. I would like there to be a more effective approach than pounding my fists on the table and insisting that Democrats oppose KXL, but I honestly don't know what that approach would be.

    We are approaching a time when the window for political solutions to the carbon problem will close.

    •  I Could Not Disagree More - (0+ / 0-)

      Carbon is not the most important issue on the table - -
      Certainly not for me nor for the majority of folks.

      I am a lifelong progressive and environmental historian.
      I believe strongly that population, consumption, and habitat loss will have a faster and more profound environmental impact than any effects from increased CO2.

      Furthermore, with the ongoing decline in work and income in the developed world, a focus on carbon will result in increasing number of right-wing political victories - which will hardly advance the broader environmental program.

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