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View Diary: House Republicans find something else to name after Ronald Reagan (103 comments)

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    was simply a lapdog for conservative extremists; nothing more and nothing less. His trickle down economic "theory" was nothing more than his acceptance of corporate wishes.

    He was also a traitor to the union and Democrats who supported him. He went from a union president to a union buster. He owed his lifestyle and economic status to his union yet he sold the ATC union down the river at the first opportunity.

    Ronald Reagan was a traitor to hourly employees and all union members and like a good Republican president he created a nice recession for us to enjoy in 1982, 1983 and 1984. I went from a union wage in 1982 to a $4.00 per hour contract labor employee working 100 hours a week in 1983 to unemployed for most of 1984.

    Thanks, Ronnie, for nothing.

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