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View Diary: Independent Sen. Angus King says he might switch sides and caucus with the GOP (101 comments)

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  •  DXM, thanks for details. SC's "non-politician" (0+ / 0-)

    fraud, it seems to me, cannot last forever. Hopefully the importance of this point will work to the advantage of Shenna Bellows, who is by most definitions less of a career politician than either Collins or her prior opponents.

    A related point that has been raised is that Collins' previous opponents were hurt by being perceived as coming from the Portland-urban side of the state's divide, while, in this cycle:

    1. Bellows is a small-town (and low-income) local girl made good, and

    2. Bellows' quasi-running mate (for Governor) Mike Michaud is the incumbent US Representative from the district that is mainly on the other side of that divide
    (of course his prior wins in that Congressional 'district came before he came out of the closet, but his willingness to do so, and the recent statewide votes on marriage equality, show that Maine public opinion has recently been changing very fast on one of the few issues where Collins has not even pretended to try to keep up).

    Please don't bet your pessimism on this race, because we don't want you psychologically invested in your pessimism being accurate. As an alternative to such a bet, I will commit to sending you -- win or lose by any point margin -- a beer or equivalent prize, if you recommend ideas to help Bellows make progress in your town and county.

    Do you see potential resonance in emphasizing that 24 years in the Senate is a heck of a long time, which Snowe, Cohen and Mitchell did not ask for?

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