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View Diary: Astounding: David Koch's 1980 VP Run: Kill Medicare, Social Security, Minimum Wage, Public Schools (149 comments)

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  •  It is difficult to imagine how libertarians (0+ / 0-)

    actually believe their world would operate.  Dealing with harm by suing only after it has happened would leave a lot more people dead and injured; redress through the courts would bring things up to a Pyrrhic victory at best.  They are very hand waving about how the courts and law enforcement would work.  When a whole family is killed, and there is no state to speak of, the murderer goes free? Who is there to sue the murderer and on what standing, since everything in the libertarian nightmare is person to person?

    Of the visions of utopia, libertarianism is by far the most unrealistic in its motivating vision, its understanding of humanity, and its operating mechanisms.  It is simply absurd.

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