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View Diary: Louisiana's 'kissing congressman' exposes rank hypocrisy by the party that protected David Vitter (49 comments)

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  •  Aw, but there are a coupla more (0+ / 0-)

    irrelevant points.  There's the fact that prostitution is illegal wherever (DC and La apparently) it was engaged in--adultery (presumably) is not illegal--and the embarrassment of Diaper Dave's infantilism.  (Too bad there wasn't a cartoon asking "I wonder who's changing him now...")  Oh, and then Diaper Dave's spouse had pledged to take parts from him were he to stray.  Ooooops I forgot the PulicanTs' running the NY governor out of office for availing himself of the services of a hooker (never alleged to involve infantilism, btw).  

    Ah the easy and comfortable MOrality of the CONservs...

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